CNN – Nerd Wars by Zeth Castle (Nerdcore Ita)


Any form of music that is made by nerds, for nerds, or about nerdly things. Nerdcore can be made in any style of music, but most people identify it in either its pop-punk or hip-hop forms. Although many people think the term “nerdcore” was made up by MC Frontalot, it has in fact been in use by rock bands for many years prior to Frontalot’s use of the term.

Nerdcore should not be confused with bands that are simply stereotypically popular with nerds such as They Might Be Giants, DEVO, Ween, etc.


Musica generalmente fatta col culo, ma alle volte no. Quando no, ne escono piccoli capolavori nerd degni di nota e la rubrica CNN – Containerd Nerdcore NonPlusUltra è qui per suggerirveli. Che la base sia Pop, Funk, Punk, Rap, Rock, Techno sticazzi, l’importante è il soggetto.


Zeth Castle ft. Danno, DjMS – NERD WARS – (prod. Amon)